Engineering Solutions for Correcting Power Factor

IPA Energy Group provides only one service — correcting the power factor at the inductive loads. We are the only company in the US with that single focus. Others sell lights bulbs, other gadgets, and do power factor correction at the main panel. We do what is the established, recommended best way to do power factor correction.

Our process is simple

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We talk to opportunities to find out their current electrical infrastructure, VFDs, capacitor banks installed, and what the company does. We then look at a warm and cold month power bill to calculate an initial savings and power factor, if listed. We then come on site and perform a sizing assessment that determines the current power factor, amps used for each motor and the run times. Our process then brings that power factor to .99 and documents the reduced amps needed to operate each motor and verifies the run times each month.

IPA calculates the monthly savings based on the information that we documented during our assessment and interview with the company’s contact. Many of our customers are convinced during this assessment process, as it shows the power factor increasing and the amps decreasing during the sizing for each motor. The remark that is made by the company’s electricians at each sizing most often is, “That is cool”.  Yes, it is.

How it works

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  • The [E-box] reduces the l2R losses in the electrical lines and the magnetizing current is then being drawn from the [E-box] instead of from the transformer outside.
  • The reactive power (magnetizing current) is stored and released from the [E-box] at 120 cycles per second.
  • This stored energy is released according to the motors need, making the motor run more efficiently.
  • This unique approach reduces the heat built up in the electrical lines and therefore reduces the strain placed upon electrical components.
  • Electricity that is normally pulled back through the power lines is recycled and reused, instead of being billed for more energy.
  • The [E-box] reclaims, stores and supplies the reactive energy to all inductive loads.

Easy assessment

For IPA Energy Group to create an accurate proposal, all motors must be operating for us to perform our assessment, so there so there is no down time needed to get the information for our proposal. Once we provide the proposal, we work with our customers to answer any further questions, find the best and most economical way to implement our power factor correction solutions and work to schedule around the operations of our customers to schedule any short business impacting outages during the installation.

The [E-Box] benefits are impressive:

  • Immediate guaranteed energy savings averaging 10-25%
  • Rapid R.O.I. (Usually 12 months)
  • Reduces power surges and harmful effects from electromagnetic fields
  • 5 year warranty & 25 year life expectancy
  • Conforms to ANSI/UL Std. 810

Commitment to service

You can take advantage of our unparalleled level of expertise. Each customer is provided with professional uniformed electricians and a dedicated point of contact with our professional office staff.

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