Reduce Your Facility’s Electricity Consumption

How We Started


While working as an experienced, senior engineer to lower costs for a medium sized data center in Indianapolis, Todd Bylsma stumbled across a solution that was able to lower electric costs and also the heat strain on their electric motors.

Todd brought in a Power Factor Correction electrical engineer to do an assessment at the data center. Still doubtful that there was something he did not know about data centers, what was discovered was truly nothing short of amazing. He was shocked at the huge financial savings in electricity and the heat management of large rooms of computer equipment. Although the power factor was at .99 at the meter, the assessment showed a demand reduction of over $200,000 a year by correcting the power factor at the loads, with a 12-month ROI. This was big!

Todd’s business degree from Indiana University kicked in and IPA Energy Group was born. A local business owner asked him to perform an assessment of his bowling center. The assessments were performed and found a 22% savings a month for the facility. When the owner informed him that the money that he would save on electricity would allow for him to get health insurance for his employees, this gave Todd a true epiphany about what direction to take IPA Energy Group. The services and solutions, though known for decades, had not been presented and available the way that IPA had provided to the data center in Indianapolis and the bowling center.

By providing an average monthly savings of 20% to organizations has grown our business quickly. IPA performed assessments in 2018 that showed over $1,000,000 in savings to our customers, who we continue to work with in 2019. Demand has grown so that we now have a full-time electrical contracting company and several locations across Indiana. IPA Energy Group worked with our [E-box] manufacturer to provide a money-back guarantee on the savings that we determine in our proposal. We feel good about that.


I spent over 35 years in the enterprise technology industry, working for several well-known technology companies and some of the largest data centers across the globe as an engineer.

It is refreshing to work with customers to reduce electricity bills rather than try to implement an expensive technology solution that simply runs faster and has a higher costs to the customer. Now, I literally put money back into the bank for each of my customers. I sleep better at night knowing real benefits are seen each month and I am really helping businesses.

I am a proud graduate of Indiana University. Visit my full profile at LinkedIn.