Providing Solutions to Optimize Your Power Consumption

POWER FACTOR CORRECTION that reduces your electric bill
IPA Energy Group provides businesses with electrical load optimization solutions for better performance, efficiency, and lower electricity consumption. We are experts in saving energy costs.

What We Offer

Our [E-Box] recycles wasted energy while increasing the lifespan and efficiency of inductive equipment (motors and pumps). This gives you immediate energy savings and protection from power surges.

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Engineering Solutions

We specialize in power factor correction for inductive loads in low voltage systems. The unique engineering solutions we provide optimize power consumption for the consumers, substantially reducing monthly electricity costs by 15% to 30%.

How the Process Works

Our team works alongside the inventor and manufacturer for correcting power factor on inductive loads. This mechanism works by combining information, analysis, technology, proprietary software, and expertise at improving efficiency and reducing cost, heat, and expensive motor replacement.


Who We Serve

Our expertise is load optimization for energy-dependent clients. Commercial and industrial motorized applications all receive monthly savings because of our solution. If you incur demand charges, we will reduce or completely eliminate the surcharges and penalties inflicted by the utility companies for a low power factor at your facility.

Gas Pumps • Boilers • Air Conditioners • Refrigeration • Conveyors • Elevators • Welders • Extruders • Machining and Stamping Equipment • Etc.